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MLB’s Replay System Change Brings in Huge Returns for Owners

Baseball fans have a chance to celebrate and rejoice now, for the Major League Baseball has announced that it will extend its replay systems. However, that will also mean fans will be bombarded with advertisements from Samsung, which might seem a little distracting.

Samsung is the owner of the major responsibility of covering the MLB’s replays and in this case is so intertwined with baseball that it will take up the place kept free for other commercial advertisements. Also this encroachment will affect the behavior of the umpires on the field as well as the way the sport is covered by MLB’s own reporters. Fans will be able to spot Samsung logos everywhere.

The partnership is not very old and signs were obvious when the assistants of umpires started to suddenly wear shirts and hats bearing the Samsung logo at the All-Star break. The assistants were also strategically placed to be more prominent and attract more attention between the umpires who were working the review.

What appeared as a harmless way to bring a corporate brand on the baseball field, a place that had such little influence from the corporate giants, Samsung took the game a step further and the phrase “presented by Samsung” will become commonplace for replays both on and off field as well as during broadcasts. The roots of corporate power play have reached deeper as the official MLB Twitter Page has been renamed ‘Samsung Replay’ which covers the replay review instances. It is like selling the naming rights of the stadium of a particular team, only here an important part of the MLB has been altered.

However, this extra addition of the logo has only propelled the revenues to the MLB and the game of baseball as a whole. There can only be hope that the logo does not venture further than just sitting at the corner of the replay screens.

Surfing In California And Offshore Marie, The Hurricane

Surfing word brings to mind two connotations together- danger and adventure. The waves that are smashing come to the Southern California. Hurricane Marie is making its way to the beaches of Los Angeles. Till the Mexican border warning has been issued from the service of National Weather.

A surfer was stuck up but was saved by a fellow man. It was Laird Hamilton who saved the person. Though the man who was drowning was strong enough but according Hamilton it could have gone worse. It is certainly not a game out there in the ocean. On Tuesday at night a person died which was reported by Scott Miller, the spokesman of department of fire. As many as 115 rescue operations have been taken by the rescuers.

With 10 to 15 meters height the waves splurge and break. Even property gets dismantled. The conditions can be life threatening. Surfers are sidelined along the shore. The flows are usually not checked and that is the reason why the surfers undermine the danger.

The surfers feel the joy and the waves that come along. It is the focal points which matter for the surfers. It is the tubes of hollow air which helps the surfers to get on top and surf on the wave. Usually the navigation is of utmost importance while surfing. Rolling over on the waves is a task which experienced surfers have the knowledge.

In some of the beaches on particular time surfers have crossed and broken the surfing. Some place looks appealing to be crossed. Breaking the jinx of the surfing point is a keen job for meticulous surfers. With webcams the scene is captured by the family members, the media people and by the locals for better navigation. An adventure of water in California is worth the risk.

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